Finding The Perfect Coat


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Finding the perfect coat is never easy. It seems every other year I am on the same ol’ hunt again, in search of the warmest and cutest coat I can find. When I lived in New York City this task was more difficult than you can imagine. Now in Nashville, I can find something a little less “Michelin Man” and a little more stylish. This year I lucked out when I spotted the most gorgeous, faux fur collar coat. This deep gray color is so sleek and it pairs well with just about anything in my wardrobe.

One of my key tips for finding the perfect coat is to double and triple check the sizing. Nobody wants an ill-fitting coat. It’s also important to make note of where you plan to wear the coat. If it’s mainly for to and from the office, be sure the coat is warm, and that it has plenty of room for layers underneath. If it’s for outdoor activities, sports or leisure, the fit should definitely be more relaxed and the fabrication should be practical. You can make finding the perfect coat easy, with these quick tips!






XO, Alex

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