Leaf Print Jumpsuit


You all know how much I love a jumpsuit, but I learned a very important lesson this season when it comes to this style: size WAY up when you’re expecting, if you want to try a jumpsuit. Otherwise, the fit is just as wacky as it sounds.

Thankfully I was able to size up for this leaf print jumpsuit, and it fits just find for the current moment. Needless to say, it will be the PERFECT summer piece, post-baby. Since it will be super hot when Baby Sharp arrives, I fully expect to live in this jumpsuit.

Long story short, size up when ordering a jumpsuit while pregnant, and still expect for some trial and error when it comes to fit. Your body is beautifully changing, even in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Somethings may not fit right, and that is okay. Go with it, and rock the hell out of whatever you feel comfortable in.


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