Give New Life To Your Wardrobe

‘Tis the season to give NEW life to your wardrobe. There’s no better time than now. Am I right? While we have the spare time on our hands, dig through your closet, and find pieces you can bring a whole new vibe to.

This jacket from 2017, hangs all the way in the back of my closet, for those “just in case” moments. I never know when I might want to wear it, therefore it’s a piece I just can’t part with. First and foremost, I love the embroidery on this denim jacket. I also love the light wash. When I styled it in 2017, I gave it a dressier feel with the black jumpsuit and studded heels. I would still wear it this way today, but I wanted to give it a new, fresh look.

With graphic tees and sneakers on the rise, I gave new life to this jacket with a fun, printed tee, skinny black jeans and classic sneakers. Get creative and start to envision how you might take the jacket from the back of your closet, and reinvent it for your 2020 style. How does that piece fit into your life now? Give it NEW life, and I promise you, this process will save you some big bucks in the long run.

2017 STYLE

Clearly I was not filtering my photos yet… woof!


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