Kiinde Breastfeeding

Bringing up one of the most talked about topics of motherhood on the blog today: breastfeeding. No it’s not for everyone, and unfortunately some women can’t even experience breastfeeding. So I will NEVER be one to preach breastfeeding over formula, or vice versa. I believe every woman and family has the right to their choice of how their baby feeds in the early stages of life. They make products today to suit all personal choices for a reason. So do not feel pressured, or prompted to make a decision for your growing family based on this post.

Because I am going to *try* breastfeeding if I am fortunate enough, I have been doing plenty of research on methods of storage and feeding for the last few months. I heard about Kiinde, and we just so happened to connect on social media. I received my Breastfeeding Starter Pack in the mail, and I’ve been playing around with it, figuring out how it works, and completing my research on how I will incorporate the system into my feeding routine when baby arrives.

The Kiinde system allows for breastfeeding moms to pump directly into a pouch and then feed directly from the pouch. The system doesn’t call for milk transfers, milk loss or exposure to germs. You can pump from any pump you already have, store, organize, warm and feed from the Kiinde system. My favorite part is that these Kiinde Twist Pouches are leak-proof, compact and convenient for proper storage.

Right now, as I wait on baby to make his appearance, this system seems so easy to use that I don’t have many worries when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping. I will definitely do a post once baby is here and I’ve had a chance to use the Kiinde system. Until then, I’ve got two exciting things for any soon-to-be-moms or breastfeeding moms. Check those out below!




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