Outfit Inspiration : Fall Casual

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I get a lot of great questions about casual fall style; what’s cool and what’s not. I tend to lean more towards pulling favorites out of your closet and trying to style them together. Layers are the key to fall, so why not play around and see what works by trial and error? I think we all have a quilted vest in our closets, either from 10 years ago or from last season when they made an epic come back. The vest is the perfect layering piece. Typically, vests are very plain, so you can layer a a subtle print underneath. I have a lot of sweatshirts that aren’t oversized boyfriend hoodies, but are cool for casual days. These dressier sweatshirts are just the right fit for under a vest. I also always have a boyfriend jean on hand for casual days. They make most sense when you’re running around and you can pair them with a number of shoes, especially your sneakers. These Nikes are to-die-for! Lastly, find a bag that’s versatile yet not clunky and too overdone for your laid back look. How’s that for fall casual?

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XO, Alex

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